Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Almost Here

Is anyone else excited for the second movie in the "Hunger Games" trilogy?  "Catching Fire" comes out Friday.

I was planning on going to the first show on Friday.  But the movie complex behind one of the malls has been advertising a "Hunger Games" marathon (like 2 movies is a marathon. hahaha) I stopped in yesterday to see how much tickets were and when the movies started.  I was expecting the first movie to be at 10PM and the new movie to be at midnight.  Well, I found out that the first movie (HG) is at 4:45PM and the new movie (CF) is right after at 7PM.  So I don't have to wait for Friday!  I got my tickets.  I'm hoping there are going to be people dressed up.  If there are, I'll take some pics and post them.

Comment and let me know what you thought of the movie after you see it.  

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